Kuukua A Wilson

Creative arts, visual design, illustrations, fine arts, painting, drawing, graphic design

Scientific Illustration

Portfolio consisting of: Medical illustration, Animal Dissection, and Human Surgery, Anatomical representation, and Research.


Human dissection elaboration

Media: Watercolor

final_edited_for web.jpeg

Research via sea life and sea creatures

Media: Digital - Adobe photoshop/Illustrator

sea life

Human surgery illustration

Media: Digital - Adobe illustrator and photoshop

surgery illustration

Elaborated Skull Drawing

Media: Graphite pencil (9H - 2B)

Research via the laboratory Rat

Media: Watercolor, Digital Design, Multi-Media

The human skeleton

Medium: graphite pencils

The Dog (Breed: Hungarian Magyar Vizsla)

Medium: graphite pencils

Anatomy of the internal organs

Medium: graphite pencils

The human scapula

Medium: graphite pencils, watercolor