Kuukua A Wilson

Creative arts, visual design, illustrations, fine arts, painting, drawing, graphic design


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Just a few words...

Born in the small fishing beach-town of Sekondi-Takoradi on the western coast of Ghana, traits of my upbringing and culture always appear in my works. As the culture of Ghana is vibrant, vivid and inviting, I also strive to maintain that similar energy in my work.   

My work falls into two categories: the first is the research driven scientific illustration, and the second is my fine arts and creative visual exploration. Both deal with storytelling.

As a Scientific Illustrator, my aim is accurately recreate, design, or visualize topics relating to medical, clinical or research information with as much detail and technical precision as possible. 

 As an Artist, I aim to utilize both simple imagery and obscure subject relationships to describe the complexities of life. I delve into topics ranging from cultural ideals, beauty, nature, emotions and the human experience, and use my works more specifically, to discuss my culture and the lens that it has provided me to view and understand life.