Kuukua A Wilson

Creative arts, visual design, illustrations, fine arts, painting, drawing, graphic design

"ABC-123: Conservation Alphabets" Book

The "ABC-123: Conservation Alphabet" book, is an illustrated children's book that explores the diversity and vastness of the animal kingdom by utilizing a simple tool grade-school teaching mechanism to introduce children to the universal wildlife conservation movement. 

I began this project in the winter of 2015 after having worked for the Atlanta Zoo as a freelance Illustrator for 2 and a half years. The idea was birthed as a personal continuation of my time with the Zoo, having witnessed a variety of wildlife animals that I hadn’t seen before, my discoveries sparked a research into the world of wildlife diversity and an interest to learn more about them and try to help with conservation efforts.

The name of this book is partially self-explanatory; yes, it is a book that will teach young students their alphabets and yes, it also teaches them how to count, but I expanded on the specific manner in which this book achieves that goal.

This book uses a diverse collection of animals, some common, most not, to help students learn to recite their alphabets from A-Z. While learning the alphabetical order, the number of animals that they encounter also increase with each corresponding alphabet; for example since the letter ‘E’ is the 5th alphabet, that page will have five different animals that they can learn about. This progresses incrementally till they reach the letter ‘Z’, where they will have the opportunity to learn about 26 different animals with names that begin with the letter ‘Z’.

Alongside this exciting learning opportunity, this book stands out from most as I am hand illustrating all 351 animals with watercolor and ink. So not only do young minds get to experience wildlife, science, as well habitat and conservation status, they will also be introduced to creative and fine arts.   

I am creating this handheld “wildlife preserve-in-a-book”, if you will, that I am convinced will be seen in libraries, zoos, aquariums, natural museums, and home book shelves everywhere.

***Book Samples: pages 1-6***

This is a research project that I know young students, readers, and lovers of picture books will enjoy, and I hope that through the celebration, we can educate ourselves and our children about the importance of conserving the beauty around us.

My goals for this project are simple:

  • Help children enjoy a non-traditional manner to learn their alphabets and numerals, or teachers and parents as they teach them
  • Encourage curiosity in their young minds to learn more about the diversity of wildlife and nature that they may not have witnessed or experienced before
  • Introduce exciting visual arts and creativity through the detailed painting and illustrations of each animal
  • Champion an interest in the natural sciences, biology, and art
  • Lead readers to take an interest in and participate in conservation and preservation efforts where they live

I am truly excited about this book and project, I have learned so much myself with this as I continue to research and created it, and hope you do as well.